Abortion will be a major issue as the parties move to the center.

As the campaigns begin to move to the center of the political spectrum, abortion will become a vital interest. Polls show that even though most people today call themselves “pro life” their beliefs remain the same when it comes to what should be done about abortion. Nearly 3/4 of all Americans believe that abortion should be available, even if only to a limited extent. Romney has pledged to take away abortion and that goes against the wishes of most Americans.

There is also a new twist on the abortion issue. There are scientific laws that lay out rules that moderate abortion. Scientific laws are not capable of change and do not alter with time. They will affect abortion in measurable ways regardless of any Constitutional amendments that are made or laws that are changed. These laws are based on simple scientific facts such as the fact that a woman cannot intentionally become pregnant with a second child if she is already pregnant with another child. Another law deals with the fact that DNA has an “expression” property that makes it impossible to determine the physical state of a zygote or fetus. These laws will prove to be a problem in the future should Romney attempt to change abortion law in such a way that these scientific laws cause harm to the American people. The laws can be viewed at http://www.facebook.com/naturalabortionlaw and at http://www.naturalabortionlaw.com

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